First appointment

If you're ready to properly address your hearing needs, contact us today to set up your first appointment.

What to expect.

1. Consultation (Before)

Before any testing begins, we will sit down with you and your communication partner to find out what your hearing difficulties have been like, your goals for improving, and how we can best assist you.

2. Video otoscopy

Testing begins with an otoscope that allows both you and the practitioner to see a clear image of the inside of your ear canal. We will explain what you are seeing and how it may be affecting your hearing.

3. Sound testing

While in our office we conduct a series of tests that measure your hearing thresholds at different frequencies and volumes to develop an audiogram mapping your particular hearing loss. Knowing this helps us determine if hearing aids can help correct your particular loss.

4. Speech testing

Understanding what others are saying is the most important goal when it comes to helping you. We conduct several tests aimed at finding out how well and how quickly you hear words and sounds.

5. Consultation (After)

After the evaluation has been completed, we will explain what the test results indicate, answer any questions you and your companion have, and give you our recommendation for treatment.

6. Demonstration

If the tests show that you could benefit from hearing aids, we will introduce you to the latest hearing technology, program a single or pair of hearing aids to fit your specific needs, and allow you to see for yourself what help sounds like. At this time your communication partners is important, as a familiar voice that lets you recognize the difference the hearing aid is making.

7. Next step

Based on your needs and goals, we will discuss how you would like to proceed. If appropriate, and you decide to get fitted for hearing aids, we can make arrangements to begin helping you hear better.